Course Outline

During this course, you can learn at your own pace.

You will be shown the following related to learning domains:

You will learn that buying domains is only 5% of the work and 95% is knowing how to sell.
The value of a domain appraisal.
How to analyze your current portfolio and decide what to keep and what to drop based on criteria.
Learn how to manage your domain portfolio effectively.
Get useful sales tips and sales letters to send to potential domain purchasers.
Get development tips and ideas.
Domainers generally sell too cheap, learn how to price domains and get the maximum return.
Create the right email signature to get more credibility.
Get lists of the most expensive keywords on Google to help target your parked domains to earn more.
Get the best tools to find and buy domains.
Get instructions on who to approach to have a better chance at selling your domain names.
Learn what local domains are best to purchase.
Are domains with dashes worth buying? What TLD’s and ccTLD’s should you concentrate on? Should you use public or private whois? … and a heck of alot more.