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Free Domain Course

Adam Dicker, a leading domain expert who has built extensive knowledge of the industry over the last 10 years and owner of as well an extensive list of premium domain properties such as,,,,,,,,,,,, as well as over 20,000 generic .CA domains including,,, and is offering a FREE domain course for domainers to take part in covering everything to do with the domain industry.

Adam has put together a course outline of some of the areas he will be covering over the next year that include how to properly buy domains, sell domains, appraise domains, manage your domain portfolio, negotiating domain sales for maximum return on your property, the best domain tools to use and how to use them, the local domain market and much more. A more detailed outline can be found here: The outline lists some of the areas he will be touching on and will be updated to include many more including content development, search engine optimization, portfolio analysis, recommended and must have domain tools and much more. He is also taking suggestions on areas you would be interested in learning about as well.

Adam Dicker, the DotComGod is paying it forward, and class has officially begun at College. With about 150 students in class, in a special private forum on, Adam has started to post threads teaching domainers how to really be domainers.

Every day Adam posts threads on various topics including how to negotiate sales of domain names. Valuable lessons are learned through his insight into the industry. One day last week Adam revealed a series of emails showing us how he turned an initial offer of $2,000 into a $60,000 domain name sale. In another post, he revealed how he was able to win a dispute over with a large insurance company and then turned around and sold them the name for a hefty sum.   He bought the name for less than $20,000.

Adam has taught us to think about the end user when registering names. He discusses what kinds of TLDs are worthwhile, and what are pure hype by registrars selling you pipe dreams.

We have learned what tools to use to register domains that sell, and Adam has us sitting at the edge of our seats as he tells us he will “leak more keywords as time goes one”.

Sometimes Adam will post some great information at a weird hour – because this is not a 9-5 business. If that’s what you expect this is not for you. If you are serious, you will learn a ton, and benefit.

Adam shows us how he uses news and current events to make money. A tech crunch article listing the most competitive keywords results in Adam registering hundreds of names, and he explains why. New research in the medical field makes for another reason to register names.

Overall I have registered about 300 domains since class began last week, and I am looking to learn more as Adam will teach us about sales letters, development, and more as class continues!

If you have a chance to learn from the DotComGod, don’t cut class and join college!

Recent testimonials of the course:

“Forget everything you thought you knew about buying and selling domains. Adam from is the real deal. His years of experience in the domaining industry are evident in every nugget of advice he shares. Open your ears and listen closely. Then, do what he says and profit.”

Jeff Carey |

DNF College provides real life examples, processes and tools that work! A domain name investors dream come true!

Jamie Zoch |

There are 2 simple steps to join the course.

1. The only requirement to join the course is you need to have a Gold, Platinum or Exclusive membership. Get a membership by clicking here.

2. Once you have your username and membership please register for the course by clicking here.

To summarize Adam Dicker is offering a free domain course to help pass on his knowledge and experience he has gained over the years to other fellow domainers.

A word from Adam…

“I want to share and pass on the knowledge and experience I have gained over the last 10 years to help other domainers succeed or succeed further. I myself learn something new everyday in this industry so I don’t know everything, however I know what works as it worked for me. I myself have made mistakes over the years but have learned from them and I would like to pass on my teachings so others don’t make the same mistakes.”

“My father taught me, you know you are mature when you listen to others without having to make mistakes on your own”  and remember nobody knows what they don’t know so there is always room to learn.