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Adam Dicker is mentoring a small group of dedicated domain investors to help them learn how they can make a nice living from domain investments.

Adam Dicker started working with 147 people that have registered to take their fledgling businesses to the next level and now that number has grown to over 380,000 members.

In the first 5 days of the program we have had 660 threads of valuable information and 4563 posts.

Today there are over 4563 posts crammed with valuable information.

If you even learn one thing from this FREE course then you will find it worthwhile like many others have.

There are 2 simple steps to join the course.

1. The only requirement to join the course is you need to have a Gold, Platinum or Exclusive membership. Get a membership by clicking here.

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Free Domain Course RegistrationRecent testimonials of the course:

“Forget everything you thought you knew about buying and selling domains. Adam from is the real deal. His years of experience in the domaining industry are evident in every nugget of advice he shares. Open your ears and listen closely. Then, do what he says and profit.”

Jeff Carey |

DNF College provides real life examples, processes and tools that work! A domain name investors dream come true!

Jamie Zoch |     

“This course has taught me more about domaining  in 2 weeks than I had learnt in the previous 2 years.
I am blown away by how much money this free course has saved me, and now I have a real chance of profiting from domaining
I am delighted to recommend this course to anyone interested in making money from domain names.”

Joe Honan | Melbourne, Australia     

After four years of selling domains on the aftermarket I’m doing okay but I know that I’ve still got some holes in my game    At DNFcollege Adam Dicker is dropping science that I believe will help take me to the next level faster. I’ve already picked up some tips that may have taken me many more years to learn through trial and error.  Thank you Adam for sharing your wealth of expertise. 

Mike C. |

Adam is just laying it all out on the table, telling us what he looks for, how he finds it, how much he pays, how he sells, how he negotiates. And none of it is vague, names and prices are all given. Aside from the main focus on geo domains, there are plenty of gems on the side from a guy who has a long and proven record in domaining. And he’s talking about earning from hand registrations today – so you don’t have to go out and drop 10K on a domain to get started.     


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