Paying it forward, giving back, what ever you want to call it Adam Dicker has stepped up in a big way! The man must be super human or he just loves domaining and 18 hour work days! In just one week he has given me a clear, concise business plan showing me the most efficient ways to find, acquire, list, negotiate and sell my domain names for maximum profit. Thanks again Adam!


After four years of selling domains on the aftermarket I'm doing okay but I know that I've still got some holes in my game At DNFcollege Adam Dicker is dropping science that I believe will help take me to the next level faster. I've already picked up some tips that may have taken me many more years to learn through trial and error. Thank you Adam for sharing your wealth of expertise.

- Mike C., DomainAnimal.com


Great Program, Great Guy. What more do you need


DNF College has given me a new enthusiasm for domain names and an easy to follow strategy for increasing my income. Forget whatever you thought you knew about domain names and re-learn with DNF College.


Adam Dicker has helped greatly and recently given me some excellent advice. Adam's free no-strings attached consulting from a major industry player is very rare since many heavy hitters do not do a lot of sharing of their knowledge. The main exception I can think of is Rick Schwartz who so kindly shares his vast knowledge (but not as in-depth or as laser targeted as Adam is doing at dnforum.com).

David G

I have talked with and followed many domain experts over the last several years. Adam is a person that will respond and has timely common sense scenarios that are often overlooked by many of the other experts, or so called experts. Its easy to make money with domains like candy.com or bicycles.com, those are few and far between. Adam points out the various other ways to be CONSISTANT and keep the sales coming.I have been in ad marketing and promotions for 25+ years and give away free advice alot because it comes back to you later. Its obvious Adam is applying that to the lucky people here. Thank You


Dnfcollege is a no nonsense education on how to acquire and sell domains for a profit. I am excited to be part of this program, and in just a week I have picked up several ideas that can make me money in this industry.


Its rare to see someone that successful (read really successful and experienced) as Adam clearly is, giving advices and sharing business experiences for free with people he don't know personally or even don't know completely. I was like there must be something in behind of it, because why would you do so? After first week, I can say, I've learned way more than in my first year of "domaining"... that said, it has completely met my expectations and I am getting even way more, for free.


"Adam has taught me how to get back to basics but also think outside the box at the same time. Buying domains and flipping for profit requires a basic strategy which Adam outlines in this course, but he also gives tips and hints to get his students thinking creatively. Best of all, he's doing what others could charge thousands for, for free. Learning straight from a seasoned veteran is a great experience and I'm confident Adam and his program will have me succeeding in no time."